/Car Decorations for Christmas

Car Decorations for Christmas

The holiday season is upon us and we are often looking for new ways to show that we are in the Christmas Spirit. You know some people want to decorate their attire, entire homes, yards, doorways but often forget their cars. We find decorating your vehicle will add to an atmosphere of festivity as you park and pass others on the streets and highways. We thought we would look at sprucing up the vehicles with a detailing and cleaning, a wax job and decorations to enhance and reflect the joy we have at Christmas. There is the standard and four-styles fancy reindeer antlers (ears) that are attached with plastic slides that fit on the car’s driver’s or passenger’s side windows. You can purchase a set of single antlers or candy canes, with or without jingle bells.

The nose or the red shaped heart are attached to the front grill of the car. And the car can be complemented by the Santa’s elf’s feet or deer tail hanging from the rear trunk. These features come with and without LED lights. An added consideration are the red head neck collars to add special bling. Note the collars come in 9 different collars, which can be changeable throughout the year:

A new add on for us this year is the Santa hats/covers that fit over the headrests in your car. They do not cause any safety hazards. There are more than 14 styles to choose from.